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I hired Mr. Neil Sullenberger to represent me in a civil case that needed to be dismissed in Colorado. I learned the hard way that even if you have all the evidence and the truth is on your side, you still need a competent lawyer to represent you in court. I made that mistake the first time, and on the second round I was determined to find a top-notch lawyer that gave me the confidence that the truth was going to come out and prevail, and that my record would be cleared of any wrongdoing. Mr. Neil Sullenberger is a well-prepared lawyer and showed ample knowledge of the law during the hearing, but more importantly, he showed understanding and compassion throughout the process. Mr. Neil Sullenberger is someone who listens and will fight for you. I highly recommend Mr. Neil Sullenberger to anyone in need of a competent lawyer.Apart from Mr. Neil Sullenberger, I was also very impressed with the professionalism of Mr. Michael Gubiotti, who assisted in my civil case."

Javier R.

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