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Recent Client Reviews

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Ayla R.

Neil Sullenberger and Jenn Roskamp represented me in a long and grueling case that spanned over the course of nearly three years. The case encompassed several complex claims and due to the sheer amount of claims, the case prep work, depositions, motions, and subsequent 5 day jury trial meant that my case took considerable time and work to even be able to understand the claims, much less defend me from them and assert a strong countersuit. 

Neil's skills as a litigator are unmatched. He seamlessly destroyed opposing counsel's claims and effortlessly owned the courtroom. He walked the jury through tough issues and presented the facts of the case with a high moral integrity and strong points of logical reasoning. He battled it out with an ill-prepared opposing counsel and won many objections during the course of the trial that helped shape the foundation for my case. He further impressed me with his brilliant closing argument, which gave an incredible overview of my case and created clarity for the jury all while appealing not only to their own logical reasoning but also armed the jury with the understanding of the egregious convoluted acts from the plaintiff.

Jenn Roskamp joined my case after Neil, and she was the perfect addition to take my case to trial with. She was excellently organized and kept me and my witnesses informed and sane throughout the course of the whole trial, which was arguably the most challenging week of my life. Jenn was the perfect complement to Neil's litigation style, and the two of them had excellent and unified rapport with each other, which the jury took sufficient notice of. Jenn was also vital in selecting my jury, and her ability to read jurors over the course of the week helped our case tremendously.

The results spoke for themselves. Because of Neil and Jenn, I won my case, my sole ownership in my business was no longer contested, and I was finally able to move on from the hardest and most emotionally draining time of my life. 


If you are looking for talented litigators with a strong moral compass, that do not weaken or shy away from pressure, Neil and Jenn are the attorneys for you. 


I owe them everything. 

Jeremy D.

I can happily recommend this Sullenberger Roskamp PLLC. They were competent, organized, patient and relentless in helping us settle a 2+ year contractor dispute.

We had to fire a contractor for poor workmanship and then he decided to send us a final bill for work he hadn't completed and when we disputed that he put a lien on our house. They guided us through getting the lien off of our house so that we could sell it. Despite years of stalling and other shady tactics they were able to get us a settlement and we came out whole without the need for a trial.

If you have any legal needs in their areas of expertise you won't regret hiring this firm.

Sullenberger & Roskamp P.L.L.C. logo
Sullenberger & Roskamp P.L.L.C. logo

Carin T.

Jennifer and Neil skillfully and strategically guided me through a challenging divorce from a difficult ex and his uncooperative attorney. They have a unique style of collaboration that allowed them to represent my interests, protect my rights, and advocate for my children, while addressing the many legal details of my situation. Neil and Jennifer were  simultaneously meticulous about individual elements of the case and focused on long-term legal success. They are a true godsend, and I will forever be indebted to them for their compassion, support, and proficiency in achieving my desired outcome. Thanks to them, I feel empowered and enthusiastic about my future.

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