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We are a local, approachable Denver law firm representing clients in and out of the courtroom. We are Civil Litigators and Transactional Attorneys. We are Construction Attorneys, Business Attorneys and so much more. Our focus is to provide honest and upfront advise and evaluations to help you make the best decision. 

What We Do...

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General Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation involves non-criminal disputes between parties in a wide range of issues including disputes over money, property, debts, contracts, agreements, business, defamatory statements, among others.

 Business Litigation

Business Litigation involves disputes between parties and/or companies involving issues  that arise and involve a business or company and involve topics such as ownership, property, formation, dissolution, contracts, business disputes, fiduciary duties and accounting.   

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Contractors & Tradesmen

We work with construction professionals in the Denver area both before and after disputes occur. Common disputes involve contract issues, construction defects, non-payment, property damage, warranty claims, mechanic's liens, trust fund statute, civil theft, liens and bonds, insurance claims in both residential and commercial buildings. 

Construction: Homeowners & Property Owners

We work with homeowners and property owners who are in the process of hiring a contractor and or are already in the midst of a construction project. Common disputes involve shoddy construction work, property damage, payment disputes, incomplete work, mechanic's liens, permits, licenses, inspections,  insurance claims and warranty issues. 

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Contract Law:
Drafting & Disputes

From buying a cup of coffee to buying a new home, contracts are an important part of our everyday life. We work with our clients out of the courtroom drafting, negotiating, advising and interpreting contracts and agreements.  When disputes  arise we represent clients and assist them in enforcing the contract, resolving disputes, terminating the agreement and  dealing with unforeseen issues. 

Real Estate Law & Litigation

Protecting your property is our main goal. Real estate disputes are common during the buying and selling of property and may include issues regarding non-disclosures made by the seller, chain of title, zoning, easements and liens.  Real estate law also involves between neighbors, boundary disputes, HOA matters, adverse possession, tenant-in-common agreements, joint ownership, leases and eviction, liens, easements and actions in partition. 

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Business Formation & Organization

Business formation and organization involves involves the creation and amendment of business entities such as limited liability companies, c-corporation, s-corporations and joint ventures among others. Our firm works with clients to create and protect your new or old business.  The formation/reorganization process involves developing a corporate structure, identifying the best entity for your business model, opening a formal entity with the Colorado Secretary of State, and drafting agreements that will form the foundation of your business. We also work with businesses that are already in operation that need to reorganize, expand or consolidate their company. 

High Asset Divorce

Diving assets, assessing maintenance (or alimony), calculating child support, allocating parenting time and custody are the major categories involved in most divorce proceedings.  Divorce is a complex and complicated process, especially when dealing with large assets, real property, retirement accounts, and joint or single-spouse owned businesses. As business attorneys and civil litigators, our attorneys are well versed in identifying and protecting your valuable assets and creating an equitable division of marital assets. Distinguishing between marital assets and separate property is an essential part of a divorce. 

Meet Our

Our attorneys are advisors, aggressive litigators, skilled mediators, and strategic and innovative attorneys that will be your advocate in times of need. Our attorneys work directly with their clients and will take the time to get to know you and your case. 

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