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If you're considering pursuing or are forced to defend a civil suit, we've got your back! Our attorneys are practiced civil litigators, trained and experienced in a wide range of issues and disputes.

  • Do you want to file a lawsuit?

  • Were you recently served with a lawsuit or demand letter?

  • Have you done everything you can to avoid a lawsuit?

  • Not sure where to go from here?


We can help you navigate the complex court system with honest, up-front advice.

Speaking with the Judge
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Money disputes are a common type of civil litigation, which involve contracts, debts, promissory notes, services performed, among others. 

Is someone owed money? Did someone stop paying? Did you perform work for someone and they didn't pay? Is someone claiming they are owed money? Or is there a dispute over how much money is owed? Do I get my attorney fees back? Can I collect interest? 

These are some of the many types of disputes that our attorneys are experienced in resolving for our clients. Whether you want to bring a lawsuit or you were served with a complaint, we can help.  

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Do you live next door to a terrible neighbor? Is your neighbor claiming he owns your land? Did he put up a fence on your property? 

Disputes with neighbors can be a frustrating and aggravating situation. Our attorneys are well-versed in these types of disputes and can help you manage the situation with the backing of our law firm and expertise.  

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Defamation is a derogatory and false statement of fact about another person that is published to another.  Defamation in the modern real of the internet and technology is an increasingly issue, affecting many individuals and business.

Is what someone wrote or said defamation? What is the difference between slander and libel? Did someone post a review about your business that is false and hurting your business? 

These are all questions we can help you answer. 

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Arbitration is a private judicial form designed to resolve disputes outside the traditional court system.

Are you required to attend arbitration? What is the difference between arbitration and the court system? Is arbitration better for me? Do I get my attorney fees back?

This are all questions we can help you answer. 

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Mediation is a process where the disputing parties meet with a third-party neutral mediator, who will assist the parties in negotiating their disputes and issues. In Colorado, most courts require the parties to attend mediation during a lawsuit. 

Not sure whether to do mediation? Is mediation court ordered? Do I have to attend mediation before filing a lawsuit? 

These are all questions we can help you answer. 

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The Colorado Civil Trial Court is divided into different levels, each assigned to handle different cases. The different levels include small claims court, county court and district court. Determining which level is right for your lawsuit depends, in part, on the amount of money or damages in dispute and what type of relief you are seeking from the court. 

Not sure which court is right for your lawsuit? Not sure what your damages are? Do I get my attorney fees back? 

These are all issues our attorneys can assist you in resolving. 

See __ for an explanation of the different trial court levels and what type of cases they handle. 

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