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Construction Law for Homeowners

We represent residential homeowners, commercial property owners, and tenants making improvements to their spaces navigate the ins and outs of construction and understand the law applicable to each situation. When looking for an attorney for construction-related issues, make sure you hire lawyers experienced in construction law. At Sullenberger Roskamp PLLC, our extensive experience representing clients from both the contractor and owner perspectives allow us to objectively and realistically value cases and guide you through the process.

Mechanic's Lien & Invalid Liens

Is a contractor threatening to put a lien on your house? Did you get a letter in the mail stating a lien will be filed against your? Is the lien spurious or excessive? Many contractors may try to file a mechanic's lien against your property for construction related work.

Mechanic's liens can be scary, but we can help navigate the process and explain to your options and defenses. 


Do you think the lien is wrong? Does it state you owe them way more money? Did you pay the contractor in full? A contractor can file an improper lien. We can help you evaluate the lien decide if you may be entitled to pursue a claim agains the contractor for an invalid or improper lien. If the lien is improper, you may be entitled to sue for your costs and attorney fees. 

Contracting & Pre-Construction Issues

Are you in the process of hiring a contractor? Or thinking about a remodel? Not sure what to do? 

Protecting yourself when hiring a contractor is an important and necessary part of any construction project. 


We regularly meet with clients and explain to them what to do and what not to do when hiring a contractor. Before you sign any contract, be sure you understand what you are signing.


We regularly review, draft and negotiate construction related contracts and to help define each parties' responsibilities, allocate risk, define payment terms to support the property owner's objectives and avoid disputes in the future. 

Even if you've already hired a contractor or signed a contract, we can help navigate the process and ensure that your rights and objectives are protected. 


Disputes with your Contractor? 

Do you feel like you've been taken advantage of? Has the contractor left the job incomplete? Is the contractor demanding more and more money? 


Disputes are bound to arise during a construction project. We can help you efficiently resolve many issues that can arise during a construction project, including payment disputes, contract disputes, damages, shoddy construction work, unlicensed contractors, permit issues, inspection issues, design issues, mechanic's liens, bonds, delays, materials, change orders and many other issues.


Construction Defects

Poor construction work? Damage to your property? Construction defects can be devastating to any homeowner, especially when you've just spent your hard earned money to remodel or build your dream home.


Contracts may be responsible for the costs of repairing shoddy work other damages caused by their shoddy or incomplete construction work. 


Civil Theft

Are you getting calls that a subcontractor is owned money? You you getting calls about a supplier wanting money for materials they provided for your home? are you getting letters stating they are going to put a lien on your home? If you pay a contractor for construction work, they may be responsible to keep your money safe and to ensure they have enough money to pay subcontractors who perform work or delivered materials for your project.


Unreasonable Delays?

Is your construction project taking forever? Is your project still incomplete after the promised completion date? Contractors may be responsible for expenses and damages you've had to pay when the project is still ongoing past the promised date. Not only can we help get your project complete but our attorneys can help recover the costs and damages you've suffered by the contractors delays.


Firing your contractor?

Whether you're thinking about firing your contractor or have already fired the contractor, we can help navigate the process and assist you in understanding your rights and obligations.